About The Blog

Welcome to the FandomxFanatic blog!


Our Aim

Our blog’s aim is to provide readers with a mass amount of material, ranging from topics such as entertainment to politics. In doing this we hope to inspire individuals of all ages whether it be to read more, engage and debate, or become more aware and active in areas they may not have been previously.


Hours & Schedule Information

Launched in April 2020, this blog aims to post a mass amount of content ranging from a variety of topics. The publication of these posts will occur on the following days: 

Tuesdays / Wednesdays / Fridays / Saturdays & Sundays


About The Team

Here at the FandomxFanatic blog, our team consists of a number of individuals each with similar and their own interests. For more information about the team members who contribute to the blog, visit the Meet The Team blog page. If you are interested in joining the team, then check out the Join Us page for more information on how to do this.