8 Favourite Lydia Martin Moments

Teen Wolf Main Characters / Characters - TV Tropes If you have ever watched Teen Wolf, then you’ll know all about who Lydia Martin is. Lydia’s character is the perfect example to show that first impressions of a person can be wrong and that you should never judge a book by its cover. Check out this list below of some of the best Lydia Martin moments from all six seasons of MTV’s Teen Wolf!



Breaking Out Of Eichen House (Season 5)

CHAR] Ω Heroes of Olympus: The Next Age of Heroes Ω — Roleplayer Guild




Training In The Woods (Season 5)

Teen Wolf - Lies of Omission - Review / Episode Awards



Banshee Battle (Season 6)

Teen Wolf (Season 6) | 6x06 "Ghosted" Official HD Clip #9 "Lydia Vs. Lenore  Bans... | Gfycat



Saving Scott & Malia (Season 6)

Teen Wolf 6x16 - Recensione Tiggers



Banshee Scream (Season 3)

mini break...be back soon — Lydia Week (Day 1) - Banshee Scream Gif Set



Saving Stiles’ Jeep (Season 6)

stiles jeep | Tumblr



The Key To The Heart (Season 2)

GIF teen wolf lydia martin jackson whittemore - animated GIF on GIFER



Ignoring Stiles (Season 1)

Stydia Review | Teen Wolf Amino


Lydia Martin - Teen Wolf | Tell-Tale TV

Thank you to the talented Holland Roden for bringing this amazing character to life.



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