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HydraRP is a Xbox gaming community built on the primary function being a roleplay community on GrandTheftAuto5. We have expanded to multiple games while constantly recruiting via social media and live streams.


We run monthly giveaways with prizes like gift cards on our discord tying in to many roles available during the roleplay from Law enforcement to a bank robbery.


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By this point you’re probably wondering how the RPs work, all you need is an Xbox one, GTA5 a mobile device and a good sense of imagination (and a new character of your choice) and we will bring the rest. Once in session we will split into two teams civilian and emergency services and make use of the Los Santos map for a creative life roleplay. The community uses theRocketCAD, a software that is used for character(s) creations and to LINK YOUR VEHICLES via licence plates as a civilian or access to the community “character” database to track crimes/ medical emergencies/ stolen cars/ and fires.


Screenshot 2020-08-31 at 11.31.51 Discord is our primary way of communication for the community. We use this as a base for the economy system showing the leaderboard of the community as well as many options to take the risk and gamble your gains. We also host this for TRAFFIC STOPS (not currently available on live streams) to avoid the hassle of party switching for players on call any member in session can use the discord voice calls for quicker and more immersive play.




Discord: https://discord.gg/2UNqaHB

Snapchat: Hydra_gtarp2020

Twitter: @HGtarp

Facebook: HydraRp

Email: hydragtarp@gmail.com

Discord link available to first 50 new members, new members via link will gain 5500 “Hydrapoints”





Author: Allan.C (Writer)

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