Hello and a happy August to you all! 

As you may well remember, myself and the team made the decision back in mid-July to place the blog on hold. This brief holiday would allow for each of us to dedicate our time to dealing with our personal lives and the effects which COVID-19 has had upon them. On behalf of myself and the team, I would like to thank each of you for your understanding and patience at this decision and hope that each of you have also been keeping well during these unprecedented times.

Now, with that being said I would like to announce that as of today (Saturday, August 1st 2020), myself primarily will be returning to blogging followed by the rest of the blog contributors in due course. As you can see, during the temporary absense we took from publishing content I have been working behind the scenes to refresh the blogs look and also to change the way in which the blog is run. 

From this point onward, blog posts will be published from Thursdays – Sundays only, with one post per day subject to change. 

For those wishing to join the team, please head over to the Join Us! page to find out who you can become a contributor. 

Additionally, we here who work on the FandomxFanatic blog love to provide you – the readers – with content that you want to see, so if you have any suggestions then let us know but completing the form over on the Suggestion Box page. 

I look forward to hearing from yourselves whether it be to join the team, suggest or even comment on future posts! 


Kind Regards,

– Admin Team


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