Top 10 Moments From ‘Teen Wolf’

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From 2011 to 2017, MTV’s Teen Wolf delivered 100 episodes of epicness. Told across the span of six seasons, Teen Wolf follows Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) as he faces the challenges of growing up, falling in love, dealing with high school and . . . trying to adapt to life as a teenage werewolf. If you haven’t seen all six seasons of Teen Wolf then be warned that spoilers lay ahead as we list below the top 10 moments from Teen Wolf!



Remembering Stiles (Season 6)

When the battle for Beacon Hills seems to be lost, Scott, Malia, and Lydia take refuge in an underground bunker where they attempt to remember their forgotten friend, Stiles. With the hope that remembering Stiles will allow for them to get their friend back, the three of them take a trip (literally) down memory lane! Each remembers a collection of moments they shared with Stiles allowing for some clever callbacks, but it’s the key memories that allow for the ultimate heartwarming entertainment. For Scott, it’s the memory of when Stiles stopped him from ultimately committing suicide; for Malia, the time when he told her he’d never leave her behind; and for Lydia, the time she kissed him in the locker rooms. What once was viewed as an attempt merely to calm him down now marks the moment when Lydia Martin fell in love with Stiles Stilinski sending Stydia fans into a frenzy! It can be said that, without a doubt, this nostalgic scene is perhaps one of the most emotional in the entire show and therefore deserves to be at the top of this list.



Chemistry Classroom (Season 1)

Episode 7 of Season 1 is personally one of my favourite episodes throughout the show’s entirety, but one moment I love most is the interaction between these five characters whilst they are trapped inside the chemistry classroom. Believing Derek to be dead and with the Alpha stalking the halls, Scott, Stiles, Allison, Lydia, and Jackson hide out in the chemistry classroom and it couldn’t be more perfectly awkward! Scott takes it upon himself to leave the safety of the classroom and the tension between him and Allison reaches breaking point as she grows tired of the secrets and worries for their lives. Stiles continues to pine over and is amazed by Lydia who cleverly comes up with the idea of using a molotov cocktail whilst Lydia is keeping a close eye on Jackson, suspicious of his behaviour with Allison. The suspense and romantic tension in this scene makes for an edge-of-your-seat experience and makes it one of Teen Wolf’s best moments.



Body In The Woods (Season 1)

Stiles is no sidekick to Scott, in fact if Stiles had not convinced Scott to journey into the woods late at night upon overhearing about a body being found in the woods then Teen Wolf really wouldn’t have happened at all! This moment also gives us a great insight into Scott and Stiles’ friendship because not only is Stiles able to convince Scott to do something so incredibly reckless, but he also refuses to reveal Scott’s involvement when he is later caught by the Sheriff who luckily happens to be Stiles’s father – though not so lucky considering Scott is attacked and bitten when he’s left wandering the woods alone trying to find his way out. Regardless, we have Stiles to thank for Teen Wolf and so this scene makes its way onto the list of top moments.



Parrish Is Alive (Season 4)

When Jordan Parrish’s name appears on the Deadpool with a $5 million bounty as a reward for killing him, fans were most definitely screaming at the screen. Especially, when he was betrayed by his partner Deputy Haigh who trapped him in the cop car before dousing him in gasoline and setting him on fire. It seemed to be the end of this handsome, kind-hearted deputy, but the biggest twist is when he came walking through the sheriff station’s door not long after! The plot thickened for fans as we were left questioning exactly what kind of supernatural creature Jordan Parrish is, but the look on Deputy Haigh’s face was definitely priceless!



“I’m not dying for you either… But I will fight with you.” (Season 6)

It’s not the first time Liam and Theo find themselves in a sticky situation and have to work together in order to survive. This scene, however, has to be one of their best moments! Whether you ship Thiam or not, there is no doubt that the two characters have chemistry in this scene as they share a moment in which they put their differences between them once and for all. “I’m not dying for you, either… But I will fight with you” Liam tells Theo and fight together is exactly what they do in impressive unison that provides viewers with one of the most well-done choreographed fight scenes in TV history.



Allison’s Death (Season 3)

Whether you loved or hated her character, there is no question that one of the most unexpected moments in the show was the death of Allison Argent. As Allison shoots an arrow specially crafted by herself with a silver arrowhead, she successfully manages to kill an Oni. The victory is short lived, however, when another attacks her by stabbing her through the chest and if the loss of such a central character wasn’t heartbreaking enough, then the reactions of her friends most certainly is. From Lydia’s ear-piercing scream, the heart wrenchingly beautiful moment between her and Scott, to the late arrival of her father, this moment remains one of the show’s most significant scenes.



My Cousin, Miguel (Season 4)

We all loved the moment when Stiles introduced Derek as his cousin, Miguel, to Danny all the way back in Season 1. However, it is the return of Miguel that fans didn’t know they wanted and they got it in Season 4. This time, Derek has been transformed back into his younger self by the villainous Kate Argent, but that doesn’t mean that there is any less humour or tension between Derek and Stiles. Confronted by Scott’s father, Agent McCall, Stiles explains the presence of this stranger away with perfect ease and cousin Miguel makes a comeback! The scene gets even funnier when Scott’s father then goes on to speak to ‘Miguel’ in Spanish and I, personally, don’t know what is better: Stiles’ expression when he believes they are caught out or his reaction when young!Derek responds in fluent Spanish! The scene also goes to show that Derek does actually find amusement in Stiles, maybe even likes him, even if he can’t remember that they already know each other.


Isaac Takes Puppy’s Pain (Season 2)

One of the most lovable characters of Teen Wolf, Isaac Lahey is undoubtedly a fan favourite. After the abuse he had to endure from his father and all the other hardships he has faced, it was nice to see Isaac just have some time to be happy. One of Isaac’s most memorable scenes from the show is the time in season 2 that he took pain from a suffering puppy and if that isn’t enough to make your heart melt then the smile that it brings to his face should be. The ability to take pain is explained in Teen Wolf later as something you can only do if you really care and though it might not seem like a big thing, that Isaac is capable of such love and care after facing such horrible treatment from his own father is a battle won in its own and for that reason, this scene deserves to be named one of the top Teen Wolf moments!




Liam Gets Beat Up (Season 6)

Liam just can’t catch a break when it comes to Season 6. . . After being forced to watch two fellow wolves be killed and manipulated into turning in front of a crowd of humans, Liam has been avoiding even leaving his bedroom. Cue the fatherly Scott moments as his Alpha comes to convince him to go back to school, with a clever mention of Clark Kent’s superman for those of you who recognise Liam Dunbar as the young Clark from ‘Man Of Steel’. Liam then returns to school and despite the stares and whispers things seem to be going… okay? That is until Corey brings word that a particular crowd of students are looking for him and despite trying to escape the school, Liam is caught and dragged into an empty classroom. This scene is horrific as the two of the students, Nolan and Gabe, proceed to beat him up in front of a gathering of other students in order to make him change. It speaks wonders for Liam’s character development and his self control however when this IED suffering werewolf manages not to shift. In addition to this being a defining Liam moment, it is also a defining and memorable moment for another Teen Wolf character: Coach. When one of the teachers refuses to step in and stop the violence, it was the appearance of the Coach that had fans cheering as he shows that despite his sarcastic and mocking nature, he does NOT, in any way, stand for such brutality.




“Scott, you’re My Brother” (Season 3)

One of the previous moments mentioned was the scene that showed Scott, Malia, and Lydia trying to remember Stiles and the most significant and emotionally attached memory Scott holds of Stiles is this one right here. We’re ending the Top Teen Wolf Moments list with the iconic scene between Stiles and Scott in Season 3 because after all, what this show comes down to in the end is always friendship and especially the bond between these two boys. Under the influence of the Darach and having believed they have just lost Derek Hale, Scott reaches his lowest point of the entire show and has doused himself in gasoline stands with a flare in hand. Cue yet another bromance moment between this dynamic duo and if the show giving us such a heartfelt moment between these two in this edge-of-your-seat moment wasn’t enough, then the explosion that follows and the camera showing Lydia laying protectively over Stiles just adds to the shipping hype!



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