Falcon & The Winter Soldier Predictions

*The following Falcon & The Winter Soldier predicitons were made by myself, Stacey Lannigan, and my younger brother, Thomas R.*


Stacey’s Predictions:


– Steve Roger’s Funeral.





– Bucky & Sam Fight (Perhaps Mid Season).





– Zemo’s Escape Is Snap-Related.

Best Zemo GIFs | Gfycat




– Sam Nearly Dies But Is Saved (Unexpectedly) By Bucky.





– Season Finale: Sam/Bucky Presumed Dead Or Faked Death.







Thomas’s Predictions:


– Bucky Gets Indoctrinated.

Zemo torturing Bucky was the WORSTH THING in Civil War, Before ...




– More Comic-Accurate Falcon Suit.

Fandom Imagines — Wings- Sam Wilson




– Steve Rogers In A Mentor Role.

cap-is-bi - Sam as Cap owns my life Tumblr Blog | Tumgir




– Sharon Carter Dies (Involves Bucky).

Sharon carter A.K.A. Agent 13 - Part 2 | Page 16 | The ...




– Peggy Carter Scene.




What are your predictions for Falcon & The Winter Soldier?
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