‘WandaVision’ Predictions

*The following WandaVision predictions were made by myself, Stacey Lannigan, and my younger brother, Thomas R


Stacey’s Predictions:

– We Will Get A Scene With Pietro.




– Mutants Will Be Mentioned/Hinted Toward.



– We Will See A Reality In Which Vision Turned Out More Like Ultron & He and Wanda Will Have To Fight.



– Wanda Has To Pick Between Staying In A Fake/Alternate Reality With Vision Or The Real One Without Him.



– Clint Barton Makes An Appearance. 




Thomas’s Predictions:

– We Will See Wanda&Visions Grown Children With A Display Of Their Abilities.



– Vision Returns (Properly).



– We Shall See Another Evolution Of Wanda’s Powers.



– This Will Be The Show That Sets Up The Next MCU Phase.



– We Will Get To Hear About Wanda’s (Comic) Origin. 


What are your predictions for WandaVision?
Let us know in the comments below!




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