On The Home Front

*The following poem was written by Stacey Lannigan and can also be found on Wattpad*


There was once a woman who lived during the war,

And it was of the war she wondered: ‘What is this all for?’

A global war between all great powers, from 39 to 45 –

And whilst men fought in battle, the women they remained

To wonder to themselves and wish that those men returned alive. . .

When they do, the time’s short-lived, and the seconds they are precious

The woman can’t help but ask herself if they’re somewhat overzealous.

Desperate to journey to the front line, eager to rejoin the fight

But the false morale she must maintain, and so in her diary, she writes:

Conversations of how the evacuees take precedence over all,

Oh, how quickly the evacuees become the invaders. . .

Both that generation of young selfish mothers and their children who are only small.

‘I say nothing, just hold my tongue but silently debate:

For whilst resented, these mothers are still with their sons – and it’s for mine I enviously await.

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