Sorting The Loser’s Club Into Hogwarts Houses

One thing we Harry Potter fans love to do sort the fictional characters from other fictional worlds into Hogwarts houses! So, I decided to do the same with the Loser’s Club from Stephen King’s IT.  


Bill Denbrough – Gryffindor


Bill shares many similarities with our beloved Harry Potter and Bill also proves himself to be a true Gryffindor! Perhaps the bravest of the Losers, Bill is often reckless such as when he attempts to face Pennywise alone. However, he does display chivalry on numerous occasions by trying to take justice into his own hands such as his strive to avenge his brother and the other children. Additionally, much like Harry, Bill also takes it upon himself to be held responsible for the well-being and safety of others and so it would be no surprise to find him sorted into Gryffindor house. 


Beverly Marsh – Gryffindor


She may be the only girl in the group but Beverly certainly knows how to hold her own – and proves it! She may not be as reckless as Bill but Beverly is just as brave and it’s that bravery which allows her to keep fighting through the multiple obstacles, such as the bullying she faces at school and her Father and Husbands abuse. Her daring and nerve allow her to build up the courage to stand up to those who abuse her and she also uses this bravery to help fight alongside – and for – her friends. For this reason, it makes sense that she should take her place beside Bill in Gryffindor! 


Stanley Uris – Hufflepuff


For the loveable Stanley, there can be no other option than to place him into Hufflepuff house! He embodies all the traits that the Sorting Hat looks for in potential Hufflepuff students: hard-working, dedicated, patient and loyal! His obsessive-compulsive behaviour shown in the movie proves that he would put the maximum amount of dedication into everything that he does and throughout the book his character enjoys bird-watching, meaning that he is also incredibly patient! He may be one of the quietest of the group and very much guarded but the loyalty which he holds for his friends is undoubtedly strong and so for that reason, Stanley belongs in Hufflepuff. 


Ben Hanscom – Ravenclaw


Intelligence, wisdom, wit and creativity are all traits associated with Ravenclaw and who better fitting for that house than Ben Hanscom? As a child, Ben shows that he’s intelligent and loves to learn in many ways: He’s the one who researches into the history of Derry (at least in the movie) and begins to piece together the links between the disasters of Derry and Pennywise; he also shows the others how to build a dam in the novel and proves his creative skills in the movie by having built the clubhouse. This creativity and desire to learn and develop and he eventually becomes a talented Architect – so, with that in mind, of course, Ben would be sorted into Ravenclaw! 


Mike Hanlon – Hufflepuff (Hat Stall: Slytherin)


On sitting upon the stool and having the Sorting Hat placed upon his head, Mike would eventually be sorted into Hufflepuff house. The keyword in this case is: eventually. It’s highly likely that Mike would be the Loser’s Club’s first (and only) hat-stall. As an adult in IT: Chapter 2, Mike brings the Losers back and withholds information from them so that they may hopefully defeat Pennywise, this shows not only his cunning side but how he is also achievement-orientated. However, the love and loyalty which he feels towards his friends would most definitely see Mike sorted into Hufflepuff as it is him who remains in Derry and remains truest to their oath, calling the others back when Pennywise makes his return. 


Eddie Kaspbrak – Hufflepuff


Loyalty is one character trait which stands out greatly when Eddie makes an appearance on the page and screen. His loyalty to both his friends and Mother makes for an intriguing internal struggle that his character goes through, and shows just how loyalty can be a hindrance as much as an advantage. The advantage of his loyalty comes, of course, through its ability to spark his moments of bravery. This undying devotion toward his friends allows Eddie to build up the courage to stand up against his oppressive mother and go to the aid of his friends whenever they need him, despite however scared he may be. 


Richie Tozier – Slytherin


Richie ‘Trashmouth’ Tozier is, without a doubt, the designated Slytherin member of the Loser’s Club. This isn’t surprising, given his clash with Gryffindor Bill and his banter-based friendship with Hufflepuff Eddie. Richie shows loyalty to the Loser’s Club because they show loyalty to him. His cunning personality and desire for self-preservation challenges that loyalty easily, particularly when he feigns to accept Bill’s offer to leave him to Pennywise in IT, and his attempt to flee during the events of IT: Chapter 2. Thus, Richie Tozier would undoubtedly be sorted in Slytherin house!



If there’s something that can be taken by looking at the above sorting is how well each of these characters (from their individual house sortings) work together! 

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