10 Memorable Moments From Stephen King’s ‘IT’

We decided to take a look at the memorable moments from both IT films, and explore what it is that makes these scenes so particularly impossible to forget.

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We decided to take a look at the memorable moments from both IT films, and explore what it is that makes these scenes so particularly impossible to forget.

Please Note: The following article does contain spoilers for both movies.


1. Georgie Meets Pennywise (IT: Chapter 1, 2017)

His beloved boat, the SS Georgie, which big brother Bill made for him, is carried down into the sewers by a stream of rainwater. Georgie’s failed attempt at catching the boat before it’s lost brings him face-to-face with Pennywise the Clown in a terrifying scene which definitely had viewers sitting on the edge of their seats.

“What’s so terrifying about it?” You may ask? Well, whilst there are no jump scares or gory scenes until the moment in which Georgie is attacked, this scene proves just how manipulative Pennywise truly is and Bill Skarsgard’s acting skills play a vital part in showing how creepy this clown can be even when he is just talking!


2. Rock War! (IT: Chapter 1, 2017)

One of the more comedic moments in the movie, the rock war, which plays out between the Losers’ Club and the Bower’s Gang, plays a much more pivotal part in the movie than some may initially think. As Henry Bowers appears to be preparing to stone Mike to death, he is hit on the head by a rock thrown by no other than Beverly Marsh and all hell breaks loose! This scene not only shows how the Losers’ saved Mike’s life but also how they manage to overcome (for the time being) their first obstacle in the form of the bullies as they band together. It is from here on out that they adopt the given name “Losers’ Club” and the six become the “Lucky Seven”.


3. Project Pennywise (IT: Chapter 1, 2017)

Following Ben’s impressive recital of the knowledge he has learned regarding Derry’s unfortunate past events, the Losers’ come to the conclusion that IT occurs every 27 years. This prompts the Losers’ to investigate further and the seven of them end up in Bill’s garage where they discover that “everywhere IT happens, it’s all connected by the sewers” and those lines all lead to the House on Neibolt Street – formerly known as the Wellhouse. Their revelation is followed by one of the most nail-biting and tension-filled moments of the movie as the projector appears to be working on its own accord and IT appears to them through a warped image of Bill’s Mother before jumping out of the projector and pursuing the children. There is no denying that IT exists now, as Stan was trying to do before now, and the events which occur in this scene are just a taster of what’s to come…


4. The House On Neibolt Street (IT: Chapter 1, 2017)

As young Bill Denbrough ventures off to face-off against IT alone, true friendship is shown as the other six Losers’ follow him to the place where they have deemed IT lives. The entirety of the events which occur inside the house on Neibolt Street emphasises the true importance of friendship and how crafty IT is in the power of illusions which he uses to manipulate Richie Tozier, Bill Denbrough, and Eddie Kaspbrak. From Richie’s panic at finding his own MISSING poster to Pennywise’s playful mocking and taunting of Eddie, the entire scene definitely sticks in the minds of the viewers.


5. “Welcome To The Losers’ Club, Asshole!” (IT: Chapter 1, 2017)

Amidst the final stand-off between the Lucky Seven and Pennywise down in the sewers, all hope seems lost when Pennywise gains the upper hand and has Bill Denbrough in his grasp. He then offers the Losers’ the opportunity to leave and live, so long as he gets to take Bill:

“I’ll take him. I’ll take all of you. And I’ll feast on your flesh as I feed on your fear… Or, you’ll just leave us be. I will take him, only him and then I will have my long rest and you will all live to grow and thrive and lead happy lives until old age takes you back to the weeds.”

Bill offers to sacrifice himself for the sake of the others, apologising for dragging the others into all of this and tells them to leave. Whilst the others look hesitant, and Beverly tells them they can’t as Richie gets to his feet:

“I told you, Bill. I fucking told you. I don’t want to die. It’s your fault. You punched me in the face. You made me walk through shitty water. You brought me to a fucking crackhead house. And now… I’m gonna have to kill this fucking clown. Welcome to the Losers’ Club, Asshole!”

This small speech from Richie acts as a red herring, making the viewers believe that IT’s influence and powers of manipulation over the Losers’ Club has won out until the power of friendship shines through yet again and proves stronger than the power of fear which Pennywise instils in its victims.


6. Adrian Mellon’s Death (IT: Chapter 2, 2019)

Perhaps one of the most memorable moments from the two movies combined is the death of Adrian Mellon. The entire scene proves that not much has changed when it comes to the homophobic views of the townspeople of Derry, even 27 years later. One of the most difficult scenes to watch from IT: Chapter 2, the scene shows couple Adrian Mellon and Don Hagarty pursued by a group of young men similar to the well-known Bowers gang from the first movie. They then proceed to attack Adrian and Don in a brutal retaliation to Adrian’s earlier mouthing-off after the couple were insulted for their sexuality, which results in Adrian Melon being thrown over the bridge and into the river… As Don runs down to the banks in an attempt to chase after Adrian, he witnesses his partner being pulled from the river by an eerily familiar face to the viewers: Pennywise the Clown. Adrian’s death at the hands – or teeth – of Pennywise draws out adult Mike Hanlon (the only Loser to have stayed in Derry) who comes across a sinister message written in Adrian’s blood from IT which is no doubt directed at the Losers’ commanding them to COME HOME.

It Chapter 2 Come Home


7. The Reunion (IT: Chapter 2, 2019)

The nostalgia which occurs at seeing the reunion of the Losers’ Club makes for one of the most heart-warming, memorable, scenes viewers can witness in IT: Chapter 2. Following the call from Mike telling them to come back to Derry, five of the six Losers’ who left Derry begin to remember their childhood and their dinner party is filled with laughter and light-hearted bickering between Richie Tolzier and Eddie Kaspbrak. The gang truly is back together, almost, so it’s only right that IT chooses now to continue his torment of the now-adult Loser Club members. In this scene, the Loser’s receive another haunting message from Pennywise through the fortune cookies which, when their individual fortunes are lined up together say: “Guess Stanley Couldn’t Cut It” – to which they find out later that their absent friend committed suicide after receiving the call from Mike telling him he promised to return should IT ever come back.

It Chapter 2 Dinner


8. Dean’s Death (IT: Chapter 2, 2019)

The parallel between Dean and Georgie is something which Pennywise makes a point in highlighting to Bill Denbrough who encounters the young boy briefly before his death and learns that not only does he live in Bill’s childhood home but also hears voices sometimes coming from the shower drain. After receiving a taunting message from Pennywise on the underside of a skateboard (which Dean was previously seen riding) reading: “Won’t be there for him either”, Bill comes to the realisation that Pennywise is going after Dean. Arriving at the carnival, Bill chases Dean into the hall of mirrors but is unfortunately unable to save Dean and is forced to watch as he is brutally devoured by Pennywise. The failure at saving Dean/Georgie 2.0 is a punch in the gut for Bill and is ultimately what leads to him returning to the house on Neibolt Street to face IT yet again.

It Chapter 2 Dean


9. “My Heart Burns There Too!” (IT: Chapter 2, 2019)

One memorable scene which may be a favourite among all those romantics who went along to see IT: Chapter 2 occurs during the Losers’ final stand-off against Pennywise the Clown. After being separated, Ben and Beverly are thrown into their own personal hell which sees Ben almost being buried alive in the Clubhouse and Beverly drowning in a sea of blood in the old toilet stall she used to hide in during her school days. As the two are almost completely submerged in dirt and blood, Ben begins to shout out the poem which he had given to Beverly anonymously, also yelling out that he loves her, and Beverly regains the will to fight. The two are able to reunite, escaping the illusion and Beverly realises that Ben is the one who had written her the poem after thinking (much like she had when she was younger) that it had been Bill.

It Chapter 2 Poem


10. Stan’s Letter (IT: Chapter 2, 2019)

One of the most heart-warming, yet heart-breaking moments, in the two IT movies combined, is the Chapter 2 ending. Following the victorious defeat of IT, made bittersweet with the loss of Eddie, each of the remaining Losers’ receive a letter from Stan Uris, their friend who had committed suicide after receiving the call from Mike that instructed him to come back to Derry at the beginning of the movie. Stan’s narration of his letter reveals that he knew that his fear of IT would hold back the others and ultimately be their downfall. To ensure that his childhood friends had the best chances of survival and had greater odds of defeating Pennywise, Stan made the ultimate sacrifice and took himself “off the board”.

It Chapter 2 Letter



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