HYDRA Series (Part 1)

*The following article was written by Allan Cater


If you’re a fan of the “great” Captain America, you’ll definitely have heard of the evil empire that he fights the beloved HYDRA (yes, that’s right: BELOVED).

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You were probably expecting this to be a hero versus bad guy discussion but I’m here to tell you why a world with HYDRA replacing S.H.I.E.L.D. would have been better for the earth in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, just like the “Framework” but I’ll get to that soon. If you’ve only seen the Captain America movies you’re only seeing a narrow view of a much larger picture and I am about to expand your picture so in fair warning: 


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So now that you’ve been warned, the subjects I’ll be discussing will fall in chronological order of the movies/TV shows and not the order of events (although I will link in a reference and a welcome pack for you new recruits!). 



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In Captain America: The First Avenger, we see Steve Rogers – a weak man repeatedly seek to join the U.S Army to ship out and fight the Nazis and be denied. . . several times.

Eventually, after many attempts, he is found by a German doctor who has a formula known as the Super Soldier Serum (new recruits refer to dossier) and who passes Steve for entrance into the army. Steve as a weakling struggles in the army and we get to see his fight for honour and sacrifice to eventually showing his worth to be the experiment test subject and the end result is a weak man. . . with very large muscles. 


After the success of the experiment, one of our men tried to steal the formula to create our own superior soldiers. However, before he could escape Rogers tracked him down and the agent. . . Well, he died bravely taking his own life to avoid interrogation. Steve Rogers, the clown he is, was shown a great honour after this event by being given the rank of Captain America and was then used as a campaign puppet for the USA government to gather support for the war. Eventually, he was deployed to perform for depressed troops suffering after long, hard battles. After learning his best friend OPERATION NAME: The Winter Soldier (James ”Bucky” Barnes) had been captured by our Hydra comrades, Rogers decided to signal handily storm the base and in his attack, he freed many of the prisoners’ which HYDRA had captured from “The Allies”, including his best friend. While escaping, he confronted our then leader: Red Skull who successfully managed to escape.

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Captain America finally gets the dream of his own team fighting against HYDRA and travels across Europe destroying HYDRA bases. During one attack to capture one of our scientists, Rogers loses his best friend again although this time he fell from a train and his body was lost. Eventually, he comes to confront Red Skull on his final mission while HYDRA is launching an attack around the world and after a short fight, Red Skull is lost to the tesseract: one of the infinity stones that HYDRA was using to power war machines and he teleported across the universe (see dossier). Captain America is frozen following a plane crash and lost at sea, along with the stone and HYDRA – due to the end of WW2 had to go into hiding while the organisation that would be S.H.I.E.L.D. (see dossier) tries to hunt down and capture any HYDRA agents and obtain the information they carry.


Rogers later is found by an Expedition, waking up in a strange world that is the future and he eventually joins S.H.I.E.L.D. and “The Avengers” to fight as “one of earths mightiest heroes” at the battle of New York. Later, he finds out that his best friend is still alive and he then leads a fight against Hydra once again.

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The is one little detail I left out what you’ve seen so far is the general knowledge and some of you have already made up your mind and labelled HYDRA the bad guys (of course, you’re wrong) but the little detail is that during Red Skulls time as leader, HYDRA had lost their way and this was not the way of our organisation and the goal of world domination. . . Well, it would be fun but isn’t the true intentions of our community. I argue that we weren’t working with the NAZI’s, we were using them to seek our higher power to go further to our ultimate goal of bringing home our true god and leader HIVE: an Inhuman (see dossier) trapped on an alien planet awaiting his return to earth. . . 

To Be Continued. . . 



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