Reasons You Should Read ‘The Immortals’ Series by Alyson Noel

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Written by Alyson Noel, The Immortals is a young adult fantasy book series consisting of six individual novels. From Evermore to Everlasting, the tale is beyond gripping and filled with many moments that will have the reader dying to know what comes next…

The series follows the life of a young teenager, Ever Bloom, who possesses many peculiar abilities after being the lone survivor of a car crash that killed her family. Gifted, or rather cursed, to see auras, hear thoughts, and know a person’s entire life story through one simple touch causes Ever to work hard to isolate herself from others and avoid human contact at all costs. Cue Damen Auguste: tall, dark, and handsome, he surprises Ever by being ‘unreadable’. With no aura, and immune to Ever’s gifts, he holds many secrets and the biggest one of all could explain why Ever can’t ‘read’ him—because those whom Ever has been unable to read are dead…

If you’re still unsure if you should put aside your time to dedicate it to reading The Immortals series, then here are a few reasons as to why you should!

Great Writing

Author Alyson Noel’s talent of being a successful writer ultimately shines through every word as the plot is spread evenly throughout all six books, allowing for each novel to be a definite page-turner but never once overwhelming the reader with too much information. Furthermore, this also allows for the plot to thicken at a steady pace and for the stakes to rise within the events which occur throughout each individual novel.


An Excellent Blend

The story itself is filled with everything that a reader could ask for! Adventure, romance, loss, love, betrayal, friendship, and everything that makes a story truly great. . . The novels incorporate each of these genres and more into the story, making The Immortals a series that could be enjoyed by many readers. The Immortals combines both the real world and fictional world which Noel created effortlessly, allowing for a change in setting throughout the books and more intriguing read as the readers not only get to enjoy seeing the characters within and outside their comfort zones.


Forbidden Romance

Speaking of a romantic tale, the presence of romance within the novels itself is a reason alone as to why the books should be read. Who doesn’t enjoy a good romance novel, especially one which tells the story of a forbidden romance, in which nearly every outside force is trying to come between two destined lovers? If that sounds like a genre that you would enjoy, then add The Immortals book series to your TBR pile right now.


The Characters

One aspect of Noel’s novels which should also be commended is her ability to provide readers of The Immortals series with a wide variety of characters, each of whom can spark several emotions within the reader. From the main character to those mentioned briefly, each character is one whom the reader can either relate to or can find similarities in with people from their own realities. Throughout the entirety of the series, Ever’s ability to ‘read’ individuals allows us to gain an insight into many other characters of whom we would not be able to if the series were written like any other novel.


A Complete Series

Finally, one of the advantages which comes with reading The Immortals book series written by Alyson Noel is that the series is complete—something which many readers often find comfort in. No waiting around and twiddling thumbs in wait for the next book to be written or published. The entire series is available to buy and read in whichever form of reading you enjoy best at your own pleasure.

However, if you do decide to read the series and are wary of perhaps wanting more, then the spin-off series also written by Alyson Noel titled the Riley Bloom series is also complete and available to read also! This series tells the story of Riley Bloom, Ever’s sister, in the afterlife following the events of the crash. This allows the reader to dive once more into the wonderous world which Alyson Noel has created…


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