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Image result for the game is on gif Calling all Sherlockians… It’s time to dive into your mind palaces because the game is on! Over the next couple of weeks I am going to be reviewing the Sherlock TV show and even diving into some theories and so to kick start this adventure, I have decided to participate in the Sherlock tag.

Feel free to comment below some of your own answers or the link to your own blogs because I tag all of you! 





Who introduced you to the show?

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Absolutely no one. Believe it or not we had been flicking through the channels at home when suddenly we stopped on one and was met with this scene from A Study In Pink – and from that moment on, I was hooked! 








How long have you been in the fandom?

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From the day which the show aired in the UK. July, 25th 2010 to be precise. 








Who is your favourite male character?

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Yes, you: Jim Moriarty.




Who is your favourite female character?

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Oh, you do count. Molly Hooper is by far my favourite female character from the show and I will argue that she even has one of the best character development storylines. 









Who is your OTP?

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Sherlock Holmes and Molly Hooper, of course! I am a hardcore Sherlolly shipper.




Who is the funniest character?

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The funniest character, in my own opinion. I absolutely love Mrs. Hudson and her humour only works to bring a lighter tone to the show as the seasons go on and grow darker. Bless you, Mrs. H! 




Who is the most annoying character?

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Sally Donovan. Just her. 









Which character would you want as your best friend?

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Greg Lestrade – without a single doubt. 




Which male character would you want to marry?

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I wouldn’t even care if it was for a case. Count me in! 




Who is your least favourite character?

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Charles Magnussen. He just made my skin crawl and quite frankly, in defence of Sherlock, I would have shot him in the face as well. 




What is your favourite line from the show?

a1cc6d5eef18e773bb06728c0cabe455He poses a good question, in all honesty. 



Do you think Moriarty is really back?

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Yes, I did and yes I do. I have seen the show, including season 4 but I will forever remain adamant that he is not dead. Shoot me, I’m a dreamer! 












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