New Year, New Blog!



First off, allow me to take a moment to welcome you to my blog and thank you for dedicating some of your time to read this post.

If you haven’t already read the About page then allow me to introduce myself to you now. My name is Stacey and I’m obsessed with the world of fiction. As a result, I decided to participate in blogging in order to express my admiration & excitement for the many books, movies, TV shows (and more) which exist out there in the world.

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And so. . .

It is here where you will find a variety of reviews, tags, articles, interviews and general posts concerning all things entertainment!



That being said, a number of other posts will often grace the pages of this blog ranging from light-hearted GIF posts to debate opportunities and those featuring a topic of a more serious nature… Basically, this blog features whatever take my fancy – and yours!

Image result for comment down below gif Your opinions and interests matter, so feel free to take this opportunity to comment down below and let me know some of the things which you would be interested in reading on the blog. Whether it’s a recommendation to read a book, watch a movie/TV show or ask for my opinions on a particular subject, I am open to all sorts of ideas and I’ll even credit you and your blog in the post as well!

With all that being said, Related imageit’s time now to get down to business. . .


You all know what type of content to expect on the blog but when are posts to be expected? Let me tell you!

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Now that has all been covered… Sit back, relax and most importantly: 

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