Sunset Dreams

Image result for sitting in sunsetThe following is a poem which I wrote whilst in Jersey, Channel Islands (my second home) in December of 2015. I found it in an old notebook and decided to share it today.



Sunset. A sky on fire, it burns

Like flames without smoke.

It’s not hot but cold, not warm but bright

As the night falls as day grows ever old.




It’s sitting here alone on the sand,

I stare out to the view of a sunset sea

The waves, they move to and thro

The tide bringing the water back and forth

Both towards and away from me.




I don’t feel lonely yet I’m alone,

It’s a comforting time which I adore

The privacy of not having to hide

What I don’t wish for people to see

As I sit on waters shore.




I lay back on the sand and seem to sink

As though I’m out in the waters ahead

Yet I do not drown, nor do I choke

As I lay my head down on the sandy bed.




I think of the people who mean most to me

The love I hold for my friends and family

It’s a welcoming bind although it holds me back

From being just who and where I wish to be.




They’re not to blame, it’s how it is

I love them and so I am stuck

I’m bound to a world that’s not my own

Yet I feel content with Being in one world and wishing for another,

such as state is all I’ve ever known.


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