Do You Read Or Write FanFiction And Why?

I both read and write FanFiction because it allows for my to satisfy my craving for more material for whatever fandom I am obsessed with. Additionally, it also also allows new directions or alternative events to happen (such as in AU FanFictions). 




How And When Did You Discover FanFiction? How Old Were You?

I started by reading FanFiction as a child because during the long wait between the release of each Harry Potter book, I was desperate to read more material and literally anything HP related. So, I found, a site which became my number one go-to website for additional Potter material. 




How Has Fandom And Fiction Evolved Since You Found It?

It has grown SO much since I found it. I used to only know of and a site dedicated solely to FanFiction for The Vampire Diaries. However, since then, FanFiction has grown in popularity, become much less taboo and has even resulted in some published works! (For example, how some books were originally FanFictions to a movie already in existence). 




Do You Still Engage With It In The Way You Used To?

I no longer use I do have an account with them on which some of my FanFictions can be found, HOWEVER I am no longer posting on that site. Now I post my FanFictions on to Archive Of Our Own and (as well as posting my works onto this blog). 




Which Fandoms Do You Enjoy Reading/Writing? (Harry Potter Etc)

Harry Potter, Merlin, Marvel, IT, Teen Wolf.




Who Are Your OTPs? (One True Pairings)

Reddie (Richie Tozier & Eddie Kaspbrak) from Stephen King’s: IT. 
Hinny (Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley) from J.K. Rowling’s: Harry Potter 
Newtina (Newt Scamander & Tina Goldstein) from J.K. Rowling’s: Fantastic Beasts 
Grindeldore (Gellert Grindelwald & Albus Dumbledore) from J.K Rowling’s: HP & FB




Have You Told Anyone That You Write FanFiction?

Do you know what? When I started out, I didn’t and it took a LOT of confidence for me to advertise my first FanFiction on my own social media (as people would then realise I wrote FanFiction). However, after a few conversations with the people closest too me and my admitting to them that I read and write FanFiction with nothing but positive reactions from them, I no longer am wary about admitting it!




What Does FanFiction Mean To You?

FanFiction is ultimately a community in its own right! To me, it is a means of satisfying my cravings for more of the fandoms I love most. It also is a way of maintaining a fandom as once a series is finished there tends to be a drop in the fan-base but when it comes to FanFiction, the stories can live on through the fans!




Do You Prefer Canon-Based Fanfiction Or AU? (So FanFiction That Slots Seamlessly Into The Original Story Or ‘Alternate Universe’ FanFiction Where The World Is Slightly Different)

This is an odd one because when writing FanFictions (I’ve found) that I tend to stick to the more canon-based FanFiction. However, when reading FanFictions, I do still adore AU’s. 




Tell Us About A FanFiction You’ve Either Read Or Written.

FanFictions I’ve read are simply too long to list, though my favourite FanFiction’s at the moment definitely has to be those in the Harry Potter fandom in which Hermione travels back in time to when Tom Riddle is still at school in an attempt to change/stop him from becoming Lord Voldemort. 



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