Brought to you today is, as the title states, The Secret Life Of A Book Blogger tag. If you have already participated in this book tag then feel free to leave a link to your post below – and if you haven’t then I tag you! 


How Long Have You Been A Blogger?

2 months to the day. 


At What Point Do You Think You Will Stop?

I have no plans to stop at all. So, for the purpose of answering this question… Never. 


What Is The Best Thing?

The best thing about book blogging is sharing my opinions on my favourite books and, even more so, the opportunities presented to me to talk to and interview my favourite Authors.


What Is The Worst Thing?

The worst thing about book blogging is that so much time and dedication must go into reading a book and a lot of books need to be read in order for there to be plenty of material to post. (That’s kind of why I don’t JUST blog about books). 


How Long Does It Take You To Create/Find Pictures To Use?

Minutes – I just mark where the images are going to go in the draft post as well as make some notes on what the images should be of and then google them following the editing and pre-publication process. 


Who’s Your Book Crush?

At the moment, my book crush is Eddie Kaspbrak from the Stephen King novel IT. 


Which Author Would You Like To Have On Your Blog?

OH, SO MANY! Stephen King, J.K Rowling, Rainbow Rowell and Ken Follett are my top 4. 


What Do You Wear When You Write Your Blog?

My PJ’s. 


How Long Does It Take You To Prepare?

I generally plan which posts I want to post a month in advance and start writing them whenever I can. 


How Do You Feel About The Book Blogger Community/Culture?

I absolutely adore all of the book bloggers I have seen, whether it’s on WordPress through written blogs or on YouTube. 


What Do You Think One Should Do To Have A Successful Blog?

Interact. Or at least provide the opportunity to interact with their readers. 


Who Do You Tag?

You – yes, you there, reading this post! 🙂 


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