The tropes which are listed below are 10 tropes which I, personally, enjoy. Are there any on this list that you like (or even hate)? Let me know in the comments below along with others not mentioned.



The Chosen One 

Who doesn’t love the idea of one day being told that you have this great destiny? 


Love Triangle 

Done right, of course, the love triangle trope is one of my favourites. The best ones leave me wondering which choice is best for the individual stuck in the middle – maybe even after they have made their decision. 


‘Secret’ Villain

Whether it’s a villain that we hate (*cough* Umbridge *cough*) or a villain who we love to hate, the villain of the novel is always a character who I find extremely interesting. The only issue is that in many stories the villain is someone who we is evil from the get-go… What I LOVE is when the author surprises the reader by revealing that the villain was someone who we trusted all along!


Real Name Calling 

Two characters, whether they be friends or a couple, who are forever using nicknames to address one another finally using the others biological name. I just live for that moment!


Orphan Trope 

Lets face it, when it comes to books (particularly adventure novels), parents just get in the way! Which is why a lack of parents in stories is something which I love. The Orphan book trope is particularly intriguing because it creates an internal struggle for the character before the action has even begun – they are constantly trying to find themselves and where they belong in the world. 


Unrequited Love

I am a sucker for this trope! Whether the novel ends with the pair becoming a couple or not, unrequited love is one of the most heart-wrenching and bittersweet beautiful tropes to exist.


Misfits Unite!

There’s nothing better than a band of misfits who have ‘no place in the world’ they live in coming together to overcome their difficulties. 


Past Lives

This trope is rare, or so I’ve found in my exploration of fiction, but books which include characters who are currently experiencing flashback etc. to their past live is the ultimate entertainment for me. 


Villainous Monologue 

A lot of people hate this and I do understand why but I am a sucker for a villain who talks too much. 



Characters who are unable to remember a particular event (perhaps the event which started their journey) or their past in general makes for a particularly interesting read and I love novels which explore this, allowing readers to learn about the character as they themselves do. 







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