1. What Is Your Favourite Milkshake Flavour?

Chocolate – Nutella to be precise!

2. What Football Team Do You Support?


3. Do You Have Any Scars?


4. What Do You Want To Be?

A Writer.

5. If You Could Change ONE Thing About Yourself, What Would It Be?

I would change my voice.

6. Are You Reliable?


7. If You Could Ask Your Future Self ONE Question, What Would It Be?

Does it all work out?

8. Do You Hold Grudges?

I never used to but as years have gone by, I have started to.

9. If You Could Breed Two Animals Together To Defy Nature And Create A New Animal, What Would They Be?

Oh… A Platypus and a Bird.

10. What Is The Most Unusual Conversation You Have Ever Had?

Killer Sheep.

11. Are You A Good Liar?


12. What Has Been Your Worst Haircut/Style?

Trying to have a fringe again like I had in childhood.

13. Have You Ever Baked?


14. Can You Do Any Other Accents Aside From Your Own?

Irish (Northern), English (Cockney/East-End) and American (New Yorker/Southern).

15. What Do You Like Of Your Toast?

Butter, or Jam – though NEVER together.

16. What Is The Last Thing You Drew A Picture Of?

A cat while I was drawing with my little sister, Kaia.

17. What Would Be Your Dream Car?

Achievable – Yellow Volkswagen Bug.
DREAM – Yellow Convertible.

18. Do You Sing In The Shower?


19. Do You Believe In Aliens?


20. Do You Often Read Your Horoscope?

Not really.


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