10 Questions… Let’s Go!



1. Morning Or Evening Person?

At present, morning person though it does tend to vary.



2. Night In Or Night Out?

Night in. Me? Socialising, ha!



3. Lots Of Friends Or A Few Close Friends?

A few close ones, definitely.



4. Time To Yourself Or Time Spent With Others?

You know… Time to myself is preferable. 



5. Holiday At Home Or Abroad?

Jersey, which is a flight away (in the Channel Islands) but is my second home so it counts as both. 



6. Countryside, Seaside Or City?




7. Hot Climate Or Cold Climate?

Medium? I live in Scotland so I’m sick of the cold climate but I can’t handle hot weather either… 



8. Books Or Films?

Books! Though I love movies as well. 



9. Rice Or Pasta?




10. Tea Or Coffee Or…?

Tea – unless hot chocolate is available. 


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