1. If You Were The Opposite For One Day: What Would You Look Like & What Would You Do?

Well, I supposed I would be a boy with light (blond) hair and blue eyes, tall, and sporty. So I would probably use that to my advantage and play some sports, find it easily to socialize etc.

2. Do You Have A Secret Talent? If Yes, What Is It?

If I told you… I’d have to kill you.

3. What Is One Unique Think You’re Afraid Of?

Unique? Um, everything.

4. You Can Only Have One Kind Of Sandwich. Every Sandwich Ingredient Known To Humankind Is At Your Disposal.

Chicken and Mayonnaise.

5. You Just Found £100! How Are You Going To Spend It?

Jump on a bus to The Boy Wizard shop in town and buy a ton of Harry Potter Merch.

6. You Just Got A Free Plane Ticket To Anywhere In The World, But You Have To Leave Immediately. Where Are You Going To Go?

Jersey, Channel Islands.

7. An Angel Appears Out Of Heaven And Offers You A Life-Time Supply Of Any Alcoholic Beverage Of Your Choice. What’s It Going To Be?

I don’t drink alcohol. Can I have Chocolate Milk instead?

8. You Discover A Beautiful Island Upon Which You Many Build Your Own Society. You Make The Rules. What Is The First Rule You Put Into Place?

Everyone MUST be sorted into their Hogwarts House.

9. What Is Your Favourite Expletive?


10. Your House Is On Fire! You Have Just Enough Time To Run In There & Grab ONE Object. What Is It Going To Be?

Book: Stephen King’s IT.

11. You Can Erase Any Horrible Experience From Your Past. What Will It Be?

Primary 5, in its entirety.

12. You Got Kicked Out Of The Country For Being A Time-Traveling Heathen Who Sleeps With Celebs & Has Super-Powers. you Can Move To Anywhere Else In The World… Where Do You Go?

Jersey, Channel Islands.

13. The Celestial Gates Of Beyond Have Opened, Much To Your Surprise Because You Didn’t Think Such A Thing Existed. Death Appears. As It Turns Out, Death Is Actually A Pretty Cool Entity AND Happens To Be In A Fantastic Mood. Death Offers To Return ONE Person Of Your Choice Back To The Living World. Who Will You Bring Back?

My Granny Mary – I have personally never met her but I wish I had known her and would love to meet her.

14. What Was Your Last Dream About?

Based of Stephen King’s IT – I was in the place of Eddie Kaspbrak and myself and Richie were visiting Bill Denbrough and his wife when IT attached.

15. Are You A Good Person?

I think so.

16. Have You Ever Been Admitted Into The Hospital?


17. Have You Ever Built A Snowman?


18. What Is The Colour Of Your Socks?


19. What Type Of Music Do You Like?

Any! Except for Metal.

20. Do You Prefer Sunrises Or Sunsets?

As much as I prefer day, I love sunsets.


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