1. Do You Ever Doubt The Existence Of Others But You?

No. Normally I doubt my own existence sometimes though.


2. On A Scale Of 1-5, How Afraid Of The Dark Are You?

Does the scale only go to 5? Okay… Then 5.


3. The Person You Would Never Want To Meet?

I’m going to go with Boris Johnson.

4. What Is Your Favourite Word?


5. If You Were A Type Of Tree, What Would You Be?

I’d like to be a willow tree.

6. When You Looked Into The Mirror This Morning, What Was Your First Thought?

I really need to brush my hair.

7. What Shirt Are You Wearing?

My Harry Potter pajama top which bears the writing: “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”.

8. What Do You Label Yourself As?


9. Bright Room OR Dark Room?


10. What Were You Doing At Midnight Last Night?

Writing Chapter 3 of my novel.

11. Favorite Age You’ve Been So Far?

I really enjoy being my age now: 23.

12. Who Told You They Loved You Last?

My Nan.

13. Your Worst Enemy?

Anyone who has no imagination.

14. What Is Your Current Desktop Background Picture?

Related image
“Sunny Stag” by Robert Farkas.


15. Do You Like Someone?


16. The Last Song You Listened To?

Back To The Start – magicbrother

17. You Can Press A Button That Would Make Any One Person Explode. Who Would You Blow Up?

Now that would be telling, wouldn’t it?

18. Who Would You Really Like To Just Punch In The Face?

Someone I am usually in close proximity to but I won’t name names. However, I will say that it is the same person I thought of when answering the previous question.

19. If Anyone Could Be Your Slave For A Day, Who Would It Be & What Would They Have To Do?

I’m not sure…

20. What Is Your Best Physical Attribute?

I’ve come to really like my eyes. Having brown eyes used to annoy me but now I’m rather in love with them.


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