Please keep in mind that these are only ten, written by myself because I have experienced and can relate to every single one of them… Feel free to comment below if you’re wanting to bring to light others or issues of your own. If not, then that’s okay too. ♡



10 Problems That Anxiety Causes


  • Overthinking (The majority of thoughts being negative)
  • Overwhelming Emotions (From being nervous to afraid, angry and sad)
  • Heightened Fear (Assuming the worst in every situation which occurs)
  • Irrational Fear (The smallest issue results in the worst scenario e.g/ illness = death)
  • Desperate For Escape (Trying to find a distraction e.g/ Movies, Books, Music)
  • Insomnia (Being kept awake at night with worry, dreading the future)
  • Isolation (Isolating yourself from others because you don’t want to bring them down with your problems/mood or not knowing how to engage in a conversation even with someone you care about because you think they won’t be interested…)
  • Lack of Self Esteem (Even when someone compliments you, you don’t believe them because surely it must be a joke or hidden insult… Right?)
  • Physical Effects (Making yourself feel physically sick, your heart pounding and hands sweating which makes you somehow feel even more self-conscious)
  • Panic Attacks (The inability to breathe properly or catch your breath and is honestly one of the most terrifying experiences EVER!)

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