Below are ten of my favourite moments from my most beloved books. If you have a particular moment on the list that you also loved, or have another you’d like to share, let me know in the comments below!



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For years I had waited to read this scene, the final battle between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort… Of course this is going to be the number one in the top 10 book moments!



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Danny from Teen Wolf is so underrated in the show, in my own opinion, though in the book he gets a hero moment when he and his boyfriend come to save Lydia and find Jackson.



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Because Jack and Aliena in Ken Follett’s novel ‘The Pillars Of The Earth‘ are endgame!




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The Mirror of Erised in which young Harry Potter sees his parents and then the other members of the Potter family… I cry every time I read this chapter.




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Heart-breaking but beautiful… Despite his multiple attempts to go back in time and change events so that Cedric never died, he knows that the only way for the future to not be affected for the worst is for the events of the past to play out as they did…




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And so the book ends and we still do not know what those three words are. Did she finally say “I love you?” WHO KNOWS?!




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Baz on having to share a room with Simon. Forever one of my favourite moments in the novel.



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This brief dance between Nina and Lennox never fails to render me breathless!




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And so Mr. Darcy comes to the inevitable conclusion that he may finally be developing feelings more positive for Miss Elizabeth Bennett.




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To be honest, all moments in which Katniss is thinking about Peeta are my favourite moments but this one in particular captures it perfectly.


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