“A journey of thousand steps begins with a step.”
Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream.


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Curious to know what is in store for you this month?

Take a look down below to find out… 



  • A variety of articles revolving around the subject of fandoms, books, TV shows and more! 
  • Reviews of movies such as ‘American Assassin’ and books ranging from all genre’s. 
  • Fanfictions written by myself and available to read on AO3 will also be shared here. 
  • Explore my own personal top 10 (fandoms, books, movies & more) and even take the opportunity to share your own! 
  • Book tags – consider yourselves all tagged as well, just make sure to comment your own links in the comment section to share your answers! 
  • Author Interviews with Jessica Branton & Katherine Roberts! Find out what they have to say on the topic of being a reader, author and more soon




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